We strive to make the delivery on time!
We assure all our valued customers that their orders arrive on time. You can look at our delivery policy below to learn more about our order delivery policies and regulations.

Preferred order mode: You can tell us when ordering if you want to select a specific shipping mode.

Timely delivery: We use all possible means to ensure that your order is delivered on time and in the right way. However, we cannot be held responsible for the delay in shipping your order for reasons beyond our control.

Working days: Orders are delivered only on working days, i.e. Monday to Friday.

Order a shipment: We assure you that your order will reach you within a maximum of 21 business days. Although we usually send orders within 24 – 48 hours, but in certain situations, if you want to send an order to another point of sale or facility, it may take a little longer.

Unreachable Address: If we do not deliver the package to the specified location due to an address error or for any other reason, you must provide us with an alternative address to deliver the order.

Change of Address: If in any case you want to change the delivery address of your shipment, please let us ten in advance to make it easier for us to change your address when your order is still packaged or ready for shipment.

Client Unavailable: If you are away from home (given address) because of an urgent situation or we do not find anyone who would deliver the order to the address given; Then we will leave a notification and we’ll try to contact you further. But if all our attempts fail, your order will be considered void and you will have to pay for the appropriate packaging and courier costs.

Representative to receive your order: If you are away from home or at the specified address and you cannot pick up your shipment personally, try to arrange a substitute for an adult who can pick up your medication in your place. The representative will have to present proof of identity and proof of age to receive delivery.

Order hold: The company has all rights to suspend delivery of the shipment if the customer is unable to spoof the identity card.