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Artvigil 150mg Drug Information

Generic Armodafinil in the form of Artvigil stands out for the best price, while ensuring sufficient quality. It overcomes fatigue and demotivation, which is ideal for better performance in a short time. Artvigil is a product that contains a compound called Armodafinil. Thanks to this, it provides an optimal surge of energy, improves concentration and supports a good mood. So it makes us more efficient in both intellectual and physical work. Artvigil is a branded product that works mildly, is effective and very affordable.

Artvigil is one of the smart drugs that can significantly improve brain function and combat drowsiness. This drug is a general and complete analogue of Nuvigil – a world-renowned and proven drug.

However, compared with Nuvigil, Artvigil costs much cheaper because it is produced in India and has no brand margin. The comparison with Waklert also shows that these drugs are identical. When you buy any of them, you definitely get a high quality product, so the price becomes the deciding factor.

As a powerful source of energy, Armodafinil has shifted coffee and energy drinks from the number one position that promote wakefulness. The modern business world calls it the “Wall Street Drug” because of its unique ability to provide tremendous performance and mental strength throughout the day.
What is Artvigil 200 mg?

Artvigil is a drug based on Armodafinil. What is Armodafinil? It is a substance that stimulates the work of the nervous system, improves memory and effectively fights drowsiness. It is usually used to treat narcolepsy, as well as to quickly change the regime of shift work. Artvigil, unlike coffee, does not stimulate the nervous system, causing tachycardia or anxiety. This drug is suitable for recreational use, because it does not cause addiction.
Action mechanism

Dopamine chemical pattern board

Arodafinil has been studied for a long time, but it is not yet clear how it works. The drug promotes the release of a large amount of dopamine and prevents its penetration into neurons.

Dopamine is a substance that causes pleasure, sedation. Production of dopamine in a person who does not sleep enough promotes complete relaxation, as a result of which drowsiness becomes very strong, and intense mental activity is difficult. Artvigil suppresses drowsiness because it does not allow dopamine to enter into action – it helps to maintain joy.

Artvigil gives you the best effect if you take it in the morning on an empty stomach. You can take it while eating, but in this case its action will begin a little later. For most people, one tablet per day is enough to improve cognitive function and combat drowsiness because 150 mg is the optimal dose. In rare cases, it is permissible to take two tablets simultaneously or during the day, but no more. With long-term use, it is recommended to stay below 150 mg of Armodafinil per day. Try to avoid using the drug in the evening as it can cause insomnia and sleep disturbances. Before taking the drug, make sure that you do not have any contraindications.

Older people and patients with the following diseases should start treatment with Artvigil at a reduced dose and under medical supervision:

kidney or liver problems
drug or alcohol abuse
heart disease
history of mental illness (personal or family)
hypersensitivity to Armodafinil.

Side effects


Despite the fact that Artvigil can be used for recreational purposes, it is not suitable for all people. The main contraindications are age under 17 years, pregnancy and lactation, problems with falling asleep, depression and disorders of internal organs.

Side effects of the drug are rare, but no one can be insured from them. Most often, such adverse reactions occur:

loss of appetite
loss of sexual desire

Consult your doctor on how to proceed if these symptoms bother you. Allergic reactions to the drug can be manifested by swelling of the face / lips / throat, problems with swallowing, itching of the skin or exfoliation. Stop using Artvigil and contact your therapist for further action.
All drug interactions

Artvigil may interact with certain medications, which can be dangerous. Therefore, you need to carefully read the list of drugs below – armodafinil can not be combined with them.

Artvigil can not be consumed together with many drugs:

MAO inhibitors
epilepsy medications

Talk to the therapist of all the medicines you are currently consuming. Even inactive ingredients can reduce armodafinil performance or (worse) cause side effects.

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